• Attorney John Deaton has criticized the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for failing to provide a clear framework for syndicated loans.
• Deaton has referred to the SEC as a „broken institution“ due to its lack of guidance on this issue.
• He also condemned the advice given on Ethereum as non-security, calling it disgraceful.

Syndicated Loans

Syndicated loans, also known as syndicated bank facilities, are a form of financing where a group of lenders, called a syndicate, collaboratively provides funds to a single borrower, which could be a corporation, a significant project, or a government entity. Such loans may involve a predetermined sum of money, a line of credit, or a combination of both.

John Deaton’s Criticism

Attorney John Deaton , the prominent figure behind Crypto Law, has been consistently vocal in his criticism of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a pro-XRP lawyer, Deaton has raised concerns about the SEC’s failure to establish a transparent regulatory framework with regards to XRP case . In an expression of discontent recently voiced by him via twitter he unequivocally referred to SEC as “broken institution” due its inability in providing definitive opinion on whether syndicated loans should be categorized as securities. Furthermore he argued that such lack of clarity confuses market participants and hinders decision making process for appellate courts creating an environment where anything can potentially be prosecuted by SEC in future.

Ethereum Advice

Deaton further condemned advices given by SEC regarding Ethereum being non-security deeming it disgraceful. He believes that entities like Ethereum should not be viewed through same lens as traditional investments since their purpose is different from latter ones. Instead they need specialised regulatory approval which is at present lacking .

Impact On Market Participants

The absence of clear guidance from SEC makes market participants vulnerable resulting in them having no means to measure risks associated with investing in such instruments . This results in them making decisions without proper information leading possibly chaotic outcomes.


It remains uncertain when will SEC finally decide on its stance towards syndicated loan being categorized under securities however until then confusion amongst market participants will remain inevitable without any prospect of resolution in near future .

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