Every Bitcoin rally inspires price fantasies. But while representatives from the crypto space are used to dizzying forecasts, expectations in the traditional financial world are rather sober. JPMorgan stands out there.

Anyone who has spent the last few weeks in hibernation should rub their eyes at the latest chart images

Bitcoin is in the fast lane and has gained nearly $ 15,000 since December alone. If Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, Managing Director at the banking giant JPMorgan, has his way, the end of the flagpole is not likely to be reached yet.

The financial expert predictsa Crypto Trader exchange rate (BTC) of around $ 146,000. The somewhat arbitrary number is made up of a simple calculation example and relates to the potential to overtake gold as a popular asset class among small investors in the long term. The calculation: If the spending of private investors in Bitcoin with investments in gold, including bars, coins or even exchange-traded financial products such as gold ETFs and ETCs, equates, the current Bitcoin market capitalization would increase from around 590 billion US dollars 4.6 times.

If you break this value down to the Bitcoin Supply, the exchange rate is 146,000 US dollars

The value is by no means set in stone and rather underlines the still immense growth potential of Bitcoin. Panigirtzoglou, who has already predicted a switch of capital inflows from gold to BTC in the past , is setting the timeframe wide and emphasizes that low volatility is a prerequisite for the transfer of assets. It may therefore be a few years before Bitcoin catches up with gold. But even if it is a gradual process, the ball is already rolling.

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