What is RESThub ?

RESThub principles

RESThub is all about integrating and bundling frameworks with tools, best practices and documentation. The RESThub team works everyday with those frameworks on high traffic, enterprise-grade applications for their customers.

That’s why we value developer experience on those libraries and despite the "Not Invented Here" syndrome above all.

RESThub has been made with RIA in general and HTML5 in particular in mind. RESThub is based on the following principles:

  • REST Architecture oriented
  • DRY (don't repeat yourself)
  • KISS (Keep it Simple and Stupid)

The primary objective is to provide a complete tool to develop REST oriented rich web application with a great efficiency and productivity by packaging a full stack of useful tools to achieve this goal.

One of the most important aspect that RESThub team try to constantly keep in mind is that RESThub must absolutely allow progressive increase of complexity. In other works, RESThub has been design to facilitate the bootstrap of your project and its configuration but it does not rely on restrictive assumptions: No RESThub functionality will prevent you to finely customize any of the underlying framework for your particular needs.

To achieve this, RESThub made the choice to rely on the most efficient and popular frameworks in each domain because we don't want to reinvent the wheel, it is just fine !

This could be a tricky challenge because RESThub claims simplify without limiting but it is a real specificity compared to other stacks in both java and javascript worlds.

RESThub components

Main Stacks

RESThub 2 is mainly made of 2 independent parts:

  • a Java/Spring stack 2.1.6 for your stateless REST web services
  • a Backbone.js stack 2.1.2 for your MVVM JavaScript client
These stacks are design to optimally work together but they are independent and you can use the JavaScript stack part with a Ruby-on-Rails or Node.js backend, or you could use the Java stack with an Angular.js frontend !

Discover the two main stacks:

Complementary tools

RESThub provides also two independent complementary tools:

  • a Spring MVC router 1.2.0 to add route mapping capacity to any "Spring MVC based" webapp
  • an AMQP/Hessian based RPC 1.0.3, a high performance and easy to monitor RPC mechanism based on RabbitMQ client and Hessian

Discover these tools:

Looking for RESThub 1 documentation ? see here (unmaintained)